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As we enter the second half the KBO season, the baseball betting action is getting more exciting. This is because pretenders are last in the ranking while the leaderboard is starting to take shape. In-between, we have teams that still have a chance to make the playoffs making it much more fun to watch. However, as the action intensifies, it makes it much more difficult to predict some of the baseball games. Therefore, we bring you our Expert Strategies for Betting on Baseball where we deal with Sabermetrics to Evaluate Pitchers.

In the old days, sports handicappers would use only use a pitcher’s win/loss ratio and ERA to evaluate them. Afterwards, they would evaluate the batting lineup thru a batter’s average and runs. While this method is still valid, it is not as accurate since baseball statistics today are more complex and accurate.

Nowadays, most people judge pitchers by their WHIP and their FIP. While it is more accurate, it is not enough when you bet on baseball and risking money. Therefore, expert baseball bettors use it in conjunction with Sabermetrics to improve their baseball wagering predictions.

Expert Strategies for Betting on Baseball – Sabermetrics to Evaluate Pitchers

Expert Strategies for Betting on Baseball – Sabermetrics to Evaluate PitchersToday, the best way to improve your online sports betting profits is by using Sabermetrics to evaluate pitchers. Sabermetrics is an application of statistical analysis to baseball records. It is seen as one of the best to evaluate and compare the performance of individual players.

Here are three sabermetrics to evaluate KBO pitcher to improve your baseball betting win/loss ratio.

K/BB (Strikeout/Walk Rate) – To truly understand a pitcher’s ability, no stat is than the ratio of his strikeouts to walks.  The reason is because the pitcher is in complete control strikeouts and walks. The better a pitcher’s ability for a strikeout, the easier he can get out of difficult situations without allowing runs.

In addition, by limiting walks, a pitcher forces the opponent to earn their way on base with a hit.  Therefore, he can reduce the potential of runs in the process. The better their K/BB, the better the odds of winning.

BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) – Whether we like it or not, luck is factor in any game. BABIP is a way to evaluate how unlucky or unlucky a pitcher has been this season. Statistics show that any time a ball is in play, there’s a 30% chance that it will be a hit.

Therefore, if a pitcher’s BABIP against is significantly higher than .300 than their stats are due to improve. If they are significantly below .200 it means their luck will soon run out.

Groundball/Flyball Rate – The best way for pitchers to limit home runs is by making batter to hit the ball on the ground. Therefore, groundball/flyball rate is such a valuable statistic when looking at how a pitcher matches up against their next opponent.

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