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During the months of summer, baseball betting is very popular because the football and basketball season is over. Thus, right now is the best time to learn How to Bet on Baseball and make money at the same time.

Baseball betting may not be the most popular sports to bet on but it is without a doubt the most profitable.  Our guide to baseball betting basics will teach you how to read baseball betting odds and how to place a bet. In addition, we will teach you about the most popular type of baseball bets and basic winning strategies.

Most Popular Types of Baseball Bets

There are many types of baseball bets available.  However, since this is a beginner’s guide, we will first learn about the most popular types of baseball bets.

How to Bet on the Money Line

How to Bet on Baseball – The BasicsThe Money Line is the most basic of baseball bet available because it is simply about picking the winner of the game. All sports bets have Money Line betting available and baseball is not an exception. However, to even out the betting, sportsbooks use baseball betting odds so that not everyone will bet on the favorite team.

For example, The Doonsan Bears are playing against the NC Dinos.  The Doosan Bears have a stronger team and will probably win. Thus, in order to bet on the Doosan Bears, the bettor must risk more money then he will win.

Using such a method, the sportsbook ensures that not all of the bets will be on the Doosan Bears.  This is because if everyone bets on Doosan, then they will lose money if they win.

This is what the Money Line Odds will look like for this scenario

  • Doosan Bears -200
  • NC Dinos +170

This “-“ in front of the number means that the Doosan Bears is the favorite team to win.  Thus, if you want to bet $100 on the Doosan Bears, you will only win $50.  You figure out how much you win by dividing 100 by 200 and multiply it by how much you wager.  Therefore, if you bet $400 you only win $200.

On the other hand, if you bet on the NC Dinos, $100 and win, then you would get $170.  You figure out the calculation by simply dividing the odds by 100 and multiplying it by the amount you wager.

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How to Bet on the Run line

In baseball betting, the Run Line is more or less the same as the point spread. When a bettor bets on the Run Line, they bet that the team will cover the Run Line.  Here is an example of the odds for a baseball Run Line.

  • New York Yankees -1.5 +110
  • Atlanta Braves +1.5 -140

The Yankees is the favorite team to win with a -1.5 Run Line.  This means that if you bet on the Yankees on the Run Line, they have to win by 1.5 run.  However, the interesting aspect of the run line is that it can totally change the winnings on a bet. This is because even though the Yankees will probably win the match, they may not be able to win by 1.5 runs.  Thus, the next number +110 means that you bet $100 to win $110.

The opposite is also true for the run line of the underdog.  If you bet the Run Line on the Braves, it means they have to lose by 1.5 or more runs.  Therefore, you bet $140 to win $100.

How to Bet on Baseball Totals

In baseball, betting on the totals means you wager on the total number of runs made during the game. The bettor has the option to bet over or under the number of runs set by the sportsbook.  Here is an example of a Baseball Total Odds.

  • Over 10.5 -115
  • Under 10.5 -105

In the above example, if you bet on the Over, it means you bet that the total runs of both teams will be over 10.5. Furthermore, the odds will always vary. In this example, the “-115” means that you must bet $115 to win $100. The same applies if you bet on the “Under”.  It simply means that you are betting the total runs of both teams will be less than 10.5.

Now that you know the basics of baseball betting, are you ready to place your bet?

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