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You’re here because you want to make better baseball bets. But, in addition, you might wonder what FIP is. Thus, here’s a tutorial on how to calculate FIP.

You can use a variety of information that can help you achieve your baseball betting goals. Of course, you are more likely to know traditional stats, such as RBIs and errors. However, there is some advanced analytics that can help you when you bet on baseball.

That’s where Fielding Independent Pitching, or FIP, is an advanced pitching statistic that tries to measure a pitcher’s contributions on defense. Also, it tries to separate factors that a pitcher has control over from those that are not.

How to Calculate FIP

How to Calculate FIP to Make Better Baseball BetsWhen calculating FIP, it ignores the results of balls hit into play. That’s where the name came from. Thus, pitchers who give up more balls in play will have a higher FIP than their ERA. The pitcher has little to no control over what happens after the ball comes into play. That’s why it is removed from the FIP formula.

The FIP Formula is:

((HRx13)+(3x(BB+HBP))-(2xK))/IP+FIP constant

The FIP constant will be the same for all pitchers in the KBO. Better pitchers have lower FIP numbers. Thus, KT Wiz betting fans should be happy with Kim Min-su’s 2.06 FIP. He is the current FIP leader in the league. On the other hand, pitchers with a FIP of 5.00 or higher are poor pitchers.

When betting on baseball, you shouldn’t rely on the fielding ability of the team alone. When runners are on base, opponents can start hitting better. Finding pitchers with low ERA and higher FIP can help you find players and teams most likely to allow that to happen. Thus, we recommend betting against those pitchers.

That’s how FIP can help you when betting on KBO games. However, if you want to improve your chances of winning, make sure you learn about sports betting mistakes to avoid.

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