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When you are just learning how to bet on baseball, developing a betting strategy can be hard. However, it is something you should consider doing. Instead of relying on instinct and gut feeling, you should be studying stats for long-term success.

You can develop a good betting strategy by studying stats. However, it is crucial that you know which statistics to consider. Expert handicappers can even predict the future performance of a player based on several factors.

Studying Stats

Studying Stats – Advanced Baseball Betting StrategyIt would be best if you looked at statistics beyond the box score you see in the newspaper or online. By understanding advanced stats and how other factors affect the game, you can create a baseball betting strategy. Here are some of the stats to consider:

  • Fielding Independent Pitching – FIP is like ERA, but it only deliberates factors a pitcher has full control on, including unintentional walks, home runs, hit-by-pitches, and strikeouts. Baseball betting pick experts see it as a better tool for evaluating the effectiveness of a pitcher than ERA.
  • Weighted On-Base Average – WOBA is the on-base percentage based on how the player got to a base. It gives each method of reaching a base with a specific value. For instance, a double has more value than a single.
  • Ultimate Zone Rating – UZR measures a player’s overall defensive performance by looking at how many runs the player saved, including errors, outfield arm, double-play ability, and range. It is like Defensive Runs Saved but has a different formula.
  • Batting Average on Balls in Play – BABIP assesses the player’s batting average based on the balls hit into play. It doesn’t include outcomes not affected by the defense, such as strikeouts and home runs.

When studying stats, you should analyze more than the pitching and the betting odds. Often, players fall into the trap of just considering the pitching. It is essential to look at other statistics to come up with a sustainable baseball betting strategy.

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