The 2019 season of the KBO has started, and it has started strong. In the latest Doosan Bears news, their first game of the season is just as strong, and shows that the team is determined to grab their second straight season title this year. Last Saturday, the Doosan Bears played against the Hanwha Eagles, and won 5-4.

Their new hitter is from Cuba, Jose Miguel Fernandez, who has three runs, which were crucial to the game. Two of those runs broke the 3-3 tie with two outs towards the end of the eighth inning. The game was held in their home field of Jamsil Stadium in Seoul.

Doosan Bears Going Strong

The Doosan bears are a favorite to those who bet on baseball. They were part of the last 4 Korean Series. They won back in 2015 and 2016. As for the seasons after them, they were at the 2nd place. As for their first game of the season, they started well with their win over the Eagles. The Eagles were first to score in the top third, but the Bears were able to tie with a bat in the bottom fourth, with Park Kun-woo’s homer from starter Warwich Saupold. Park’s long ball also put the Bears to lead 2-1. Shortly after, Kim Tae-kyun led the game to another tie with a single up the middle, with the game 2-2.

In the bottom sixth, however, Fernandez pulled through with a go-ahead single. This gave the Bears a 3-2 lead in the game. Things got exciting after that, which eventually let do Fernandez getting to show off his skills with some late-inning moves. This brought the score to 5-3. Some players were still not happy with how they performed, but mostly, they are optimistic with the start of their season. Despite a good start to the season, the Doosan Bears are out to get even better to win the title again.