The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on Thursday meted out punishment against catcher Yang Eui-ji. Yang allegedly showed unsportsmanlike conduct toward an umpire.

The KBO, operator of the Korean pro baseball league, assessed Doosan Bears catcher Yang Eui-ji with a 3 million won ($2,800) fine and ordered him to complete 80 hours of community service in youth baseball-related activities for his misbehavior in Tuesday’s game against the Samsung Lions at Daegu Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, 300 kilometers (186 miles) southeast of Seoul.

Yang Euj-ji and His Punishment

Before the bottom of the seventh, new Doosan pitcher Gwak Been was throwing warm-up pitches.  On one low pitch, Yang got up and moved to his right, making only a half-hearted sweep of the glove. Then he let the ball sail between home plate umpire Jung Jong-soo’s legs.  Yang could have caught the ball from his sitting position, but instead the ball took one hop behind Jung and hit the backstop.

The KBO said it decided to punish Yang for creating a situation that should not happen on the field. This is regardless of his intention.

“Most experts expressed that Yang would not have done it on purpose to harm the umpire. This is since there are many cameras and fans watching at that time,” said KBO Secretary General Chang Yoon-ho.  “After the incident, Doosan manager Kim Tae-hyung summoned Yang back to the dugout and warned him and Yang also looked remorseful for his action.”