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Ryon Healy said that he is all about driving in runners this season. The Eagles slugger will focus on drives. Thus, he will not try to get the ball out of the park all the time. Also, getting many RBIs is par for the slugger, who had two 20-homerun seasons in the MLB.

Healy signed a one-year contract with Hanwha Eagles worth $1 million last December. According to Eagles manager Carlos Subero, Healy knows where he hits in the roster. Also, he’s expected to generate RBIs for the team.

Subero said that Healy would prioritize quality at-bats. Thus, he will have more opportunities to drive runs in. Also, he doesn’t need to try to hit homers or doubles all the time. According to a sports directory, RBIs is what the Eagles need this season.

Eagles Slugger Will Focus on Driving Runs In

Eagles Slugger Will Focus on DrivesThe Eagles manager praised Subero’s approach in the preseason games. He noted that the slugger is willing to go to the opposite field when facing outside pitches. Also, he would not try to hit balls out of the ballpark all the time.

According to Hanwha Eagles betting fans, Healy is hitting what pitchers are giving him. Many pitchers don’t go in on Healy. Thus, he is trying to take what’s given to him. As a result, he earns many RBIs each game.

In the Eagles’ previous game, Healy drove three of the team’s four runs to win 4-3. His three-run homer allowed the team to come back from a 2-point deficit to take a 3-2 lead in the sixth inning.

As per sports betting odds experts, Healy said that Subero told him to keep driving in runs and not worry about other stuff. The slugger’s goal is to be selective at the plate and stick to his strengths. He will swing at the pitches that he can hit well to get the best opportunities for success.

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