After a long hiatus due to the coronavirus crisis, the Korean Baseball Organization is back in action. According to baseball betting news, the KBO Preseason will start this week after postponing the original preseason date. This is because the spread of the COVID-19 cases is in decline in South Korea. Thus, allowing the KBO to start the KBO Preseason within certain limitations.

The original start date for the KBO preseason was on March 14, 2020 thru March 14. Now, the KBO said the first preseason game will take place this Tuesday. Furthermore, the start of the regular baseball season was supposed to take place on March 28. However, sports forums do not expect baseball to start until the end of the month.

When will the Korean Baseball Season Start?

KBO Preseason will Start this WeekAccording to sports betting websites, this Tuesday the KBO will have a meeting to determine the KBO start date. Furthermore, the meeting will have in attendance the board of governors along with baseball club president. Therefore, if al goes well, the Korean Baseball season could begin as early as May 1, 2020.

In addition, even Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun is beginning to ease the social distancing guidelines.  On Sunday, the Prime Minister even said that outdoor sporting events could take place if fans are not present.

The KBO are already planning to have the preseason games without any fans to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Furthermore, they also said that the start of the regular season will only be available on television without public attendance.

The baseball preseason will also ensure as little travel for the teams.  Thus, only teams that are close to each other will play against each other.  This is because they do not want any team to have to spend time at a hotel.

For baseball wagering fans, this is good news as Betting on Korean Baseball team will once again start this month. Unfortunately, not all pitchers will be available to play because some of them are foreigner who chose to return home.

For example, Samsung Lions Betting fans will be without their pitcher for at least two weeks. This is because after returning to South Korea, he is currently under quarantine for two weeks.

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