After a long career as a professional baseball player, Lim Chang-yon retires after playing for 24 seasons. The announcement was made today by the 42 year old South Korean pitcher during a press interview. According to several baseball news websites, several fans were sad to see him retire from baseball.

Furthermore, according to his agency, the Sports Intelligence Group, he said his decision to end his career was “bittersweet”.

However, this is probably not the end of Lim Chang-yon and his association with baseball.  This is because he is still thinking about his future and would like to still be involved with baseball.  He said “I’d like to contribute to the development of Korean baseball in a capacity other than as a player”. In addition, he is also grateful to his fans for their support.

A Legacy of Success in Baseball

Lim Chang-yong retires from BaseballLim has had a baseball career that is the envy of many professional players in Korea and around the world. Furthermore, he has a 99 mph fastball and a two-seam signature pitch. Thus, he is one of the few pitchers with multiple pitching forms.

His professional baseball career began in 1995 with the Haita Tigers.  In addition, he also became a regular with the South Korean baseball National team. Lim Chang-yon has been a part of several teams throughout his career before finishing with the Kia Tigers.  These include the Haita Tigers, the Samsun Lions, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, and the Chicago Cubs.

According to KIA Tigers betting websites, he went 5-5 with four saves and posting 5.42 ERA in 37 games last year. Furthermore, he won six Korean Finals Series ring and the last one was in 2017 while playing for the Tigers.

Despite his record, the KIA Tigers chose to release him even though he felt he could go play another season. However, according to baseball betting fans, he was not able to find a team that would take him.

According to Bookie Pay Per Head, the decision for the Tigers not to re-sign him did have some backlash.  This is because several fans made a protest about their decision outside of the club’s home park in Gwangju.