The Lotte Giants know talent which is why once again, Lee Dae-ho is the Highest paid Player in the KBO.  On Monday, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) sent out a report with the league’s salary data for 2019. On top of the list was first baseman Lee Dae-ho with an annual salary of $2.2 million.

Lee Dae-ho is not just a South Korean baseball super star because he is also well known in the United States.  This is because he is a form Seattle Mariners in the MLB. He spent the 2016 season playing for the Mariners.  However, in 2017 Lee Dae-ho came back to South Korea to rejoin his old KBO team, the Lotte Giants.

When he came back to play for the Giants, he was given a 4 year contract for 15 billion won.  Thus, he got 10 billion won salary and a 5 billion won signing bonus.

Highest KBO for the 2019 Baseball Season

Highest KBO for the 2019 Baseball Season - Yang Eui-ji Lotte Giants Baseball Betting fans are certainly happy that Lee Dae-ho will remain on the team.  This is because in 2017 his baseball statistics are .320 with 34 homerun and 111 RBIs.  Furthermore, in 2018 he did even better with .333, 37 homerun and 125 RBIs. Furthermore, the homer and RBI totals are only the second highest records for his KBO career.

In addition, the Lotte Giants have the largest annual increase in average salary.  Thus, the average player salary for them is 198 million won.  The second team with the highest average salary is the SK Wyverns with the average player earning 181.4 million won.

In terms of the largest annual increase for players, the NC Dinos are leading the teams.  This is because this year, the report shows that they have a 55.2% salary increase.  According to sportsbook pay per head providers, they went from 100 million won in 2018 to 181.4 million won for 2019.

However, the average salary increase for the NC Dinos is due to signing Yang Eui-ji to a 4 year contract. Yang Eui-ji is a famous free agent catcher and he contract is worth 12.5 billion won. The deal includes a 6 billion won signing bonus and a 6.5 billion won in salary over the next four years.

According to baseball betting websites, the average KBO player will earn 150.7 million won.  This is a 0.3% increase over the last season. Furthermore, 156 players will be earning over 10 million won in 2019 which is less players than the previous year.