The latest Lotte Giants news is not good. It has been so for a while now, and the Lotte Giants are in toruble. It gets predictable that even baseball betting picks will be pointing out the obvious on how the Giants are struggling this season. While they would have made a good underdog, baseball betting fans are still waiting for that to happen. But will betting on the Giants mean lost profits?

Lotte Giants are in Trouble

The team from Busan have been performing weakly in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO). Its one third into the season, yet after 48 games, the Lotte Giants have only won 17 games. They have lost for 31 games. Their winning percentage is only at .354. Their numbers are one of the worst in the season. This is also the worst-performing season of the Giants in the past decade.

They are currently at the bottom of the rankings, and are 15.5 wins away from season leader, The SK Wyverns. Most baseball experts are pointing at the catchers, as well as the pitchers. What’s worse, is that they did not learn their lesson from last season, and their pitchers are still none the better.

Even their foreign pitchers, Brooks Raley and Jake Thompson, are struggling. Some also say that the Giants’ failure to get free agent Noh Kyung-eun. Noh has one of the best stats among local players with nine wins, six losses, plus a 4.09 ERA. Management has been actively looking for other pitchers to help the team, but their misfortune seems to have spread to the backroom too.

Despite changing strategies, like the one plus one strategy, nothing has worked. Their catchers are also struggling, especially after Kang Min-ho became free agent and signed with another team last year. With a team that cant hire, and a team whose players are in a rut, they better get their game faces on an catch up, lest they miss the chance to get into the postseason this year.