Baseball season is on hiatus right now, but it does not mean there won’t be any news, especially Lotte Giants news. This time of the year, is mostly time for team players and staff to get a bit of rest in between seasons. Of course, management will also be busy fixing and finalizing the lineup for the next season.

This period may seem very uninteresting for baseball fans. But to those who are into betting on baseball, then one should pay attention. See if there are any drastic changes to the staff or the players for the following season of the KBO. If you want to be ready for the next season, and catch up with earning money on other Korean sports leagues, drop by some great sports betting reviews and learn.

Lotte Giants New Lineup

But back to baseball. For the Lotte Giants, they will now have 2 foreign pitchers. They recently signed Brooks Raley and Jake Thompson. Raley will stay in with his $1.7 million contract and play his 5th season in the KBO for the 2019 season. Those familiar with the Lotte Giants will know that Raley was a very crucial member of the team. The pitcher was in the starting rotation, and won 11 wins, with 13 losses, and a 4.74 ERA.

Looking at Raley’s numbers with the Giants for the past 4 seasons. He has 43 wins, 39 losses, and a 4.19 ERA over 122 games. Raley is the first player in the history of the Giants to stay in for a fifth season.

In addition to Raley, the Giants have signed another foreign player – Jake Thompson. Thompson has a $900,000, one-year contract with the team. Thompson began his baseball career back in 2012, in the MLB draft. He was picked during the second round by the Detroit Tigers. But his entrance into the major leagues was not until 2016, when he was playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. As a player for the Phillies, Thompson has 7 wins, 8 losses, and a 4.87 ERA. Lotte Giants fans will be in for a great season next year, it seems.