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The Blue Jays and the Red Sox have been playing one of the wildest series this season. This is because it has been full of action that has left baseball betting on the edge of their seat! Last night, the Toronto Bue Jays won game 3 of the series against the Red Sox in a 3-2 victory. Thus, game 3 was a sweep of the Red Sox by the Blue Jays. In our Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 3 Betting Highlights, we go over what led to this victory.

For those who bet on Baseball in Korea, this was an expensive wager to make for Toronto fans. Or at least if they took the Toronto money line was at -187. While they would have won the wager, the risk to profit ration would not have been very profitable. However, congratulations to those who took the under 8.25 as it was a good bet to make.

For the Toronto Blue Jays, sweeping this series was crucial to their goal of making the playoffs. Especially after the losing 4 games in a row against the Texas Rangers.

Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 3 Betting Highlights – Ryu Hyun-ji Strands 8 Runners

Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 3 Betting Highlights - Ryu Hyun-ji Strands 8 RunnersAccording to latest betting odds, this is the ninth series this season hat has been swept by the Blue Jays. The VIP of the game is Matt Chapman who hit a game-ending double off the center-field wall in the ninth inning. For baseball statistics fans, this is sixth time this season that Toronto won in their final at-bat. In addition, it is the second time in 2 days that they made such a feat.

Korean baseball player, Ryu Hyun-ji made a strong contribution to the team for this matchup stranding 8 Red Sox runner. However, he only had one clean inning during the top of the first. For the rest of his time on the mound, he had a Boston player in scoring position in every inning.

Despite the pressure, Ryu was able to keep them from scoring by changing his pitches. Thus, he would either freeze the hitters with benders in the zone or have them chase ugly ones.

With this latest win, Toronto is now a strong contender for the AL’s third and final wild card spot. At the moment, they are a half-game behind the Texans and a half-game ahead of Seattle. With only 12 games remaining in the season, Toronto will have to play their best to play on the postseason.

In their next matchup, Toronto will be playing against the New York Yankees for a 3 games series.

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