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Jakarta, Indonesia, where the eighteenth Asian Games are being held, is swarming with Japanese columnists. This is because the Korean Baseball National Team to Face Japanese Amateur in the 2018 Asian Games. This year will be different for Japan because their National Team is made up of amateurs.

Baseball is  a national pastime in Japan and is one of their most popular sport. However, this year Japanese national baseball team is made out of just amateur players. Just three to four journalists went to the starter matches of the Japanese national baseball group. Thus, many people that bet on baseball are cautious about betting on the Japanese team

It shows up the Japanese national team does not mean to get great outcome, either. Initially, the group’s expert pitcher was Shunpei Yoshikawa. Japan did not choose a pitcher to supplant him. They have 23 players in the national group while South Korea and Taiwan have 24 players. Japan just has eight pitchers.

Good News for Korea

Korean national team to face Japanese amateurs at Asian GamesThis is uplifting news for South Korea, who will confront Japan in the main session of Super Round at 2 p.m. Thursday. The Korean national baseball group, who lost to Taiwan by 1-2, can progress to the finals.  This is in the event that it beats Japan by in excess of two focuses and China on Friday.

Japanese beginner baseball groups are in an alternate association from Korean novice groups. Furthermore, numerous beginner players join proficient baseball groups through draft. Celebrated Japanese baseball players, who were in novice baseball groups, incorporate Japanese baseball legend Hideo Nomo. South Korean pitcher Oh Seung-hwan surrendered a three-run homer to Japanese beginner player Hisayoshi Chono in the 2006 Asian Games. Chono joined Yomiuri a couple of years after the fact.

Luckily, Korean players are showing signs of improvement each amusement. Lee Jung-hu, South Korea’s first hitter, has made seven hits in 12 at bat.  In addition, he incorporated 2 homers in a match against Hong Kong.  In addition, Hwang Jae-kyun has a batting normal of 0.364, including two homers. South Korea’s cleanup Park Byung-ho hit a grand slam in the ninth inning in the match against Hong Kong.

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