In the latest Nexen Heroes news, the Nexen Heroes will have a new team name and logo early next year. The popular team of the Korean Baseball Organization, or the KBO, the Nexen Heroes signed a new sponsorship contract with a local securities firm, Kiwoom Securities. The deal is worth 10 billion won, which is around $8.9 million per year, and is good for 5 years. This deal means that Kiwoom Securities will also have the right to rename the team.

Nexen Heroes Future

This deal’s amount will cover the operational expenses of the baseball club. This is also not the first time that the club has changed its name. Traditionally, team names of the KBO clubs will be named after their sponsors, so if the sponsor will change, then so does the brand. There are no announcements yet, as they are keeping it quiet on what the new name of the team might be.

When they first played, they played as the Woori Heroes in 2008. Then in the same year, it was then plainly the Heroes, up to 2009. In that year thoughm they changed the name to Seoul Heroes. But from 2010 to 2018, the club stuck to name of Nexen Heroes.

Prior to this, they are originally known as the Sammi SuperStars, then Chungo Pintos and Pacific Dolphins. They became the Hyundai Unicorns after Hyundai bought them back in 1996. The team also moved from Incheon to Suwon at that time. They are one of the top teams to win most championships, having won the KBO four times before being disbanded in 2008.

As to what their next name will be, no one knows. They will hold a ceremony in January 2019 for the official signing ceremony, where the name and logo will be unveiled. But for Korean sports betting fans, there should not be anything that will change how their team works for now. As they are a favorite for Korean Sports Betting fans, the team will likely still stay the same for now.