Park Byung-ho,  is formerly of the Rochester Redwings Class AAA, a minor-league affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. He has concluded his major league career and announced his return to the Nexen Heroes on Monday.  After two seasons playing in the big leagues, the Heroes signed a one-year contract at 1.5 billion won ($1.38 million).

“There are disappointments in my past two seasons, but I don’t have any regrets,” Park Byung-ho said.  “It was a good experience and it was an opportunity for me to develop as a better player.”

Park made his KBO debut in 2005 with the LG Twins.  Despite high expectations, getting drafted in the first round, Park didn’t perform in his rookie season, recording a 0.190 batting average with three home runs and 21 RBIs in 79 games.  Park continued to struggle for the next three years with the LG Twins – his highest batting average was 0.218 in 2006 after playing in only 48 games.

Park Byung-ho on Playing Back Home

“From the time I decided to head to the major league two years ago and to return back to the KBO, I got a lot of help [from the Heroes],” Park said.  “I’m truly thankful.  Now that I’ll be playing for my home team, I want to play better in front of the fans.  I’ll try my best to help the team play in the postseason.”

Though Park gave up the financial benefits, getting more playing time in the KBO will benefit his career. This is as he will be a free agent after two seasons.  Since Park will be 33 years old in 2020, playing full time in the KBO is more likely to raise his value as an FA than if he continued to struggle in the United States for another two years.