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Last week was exciting for Samsung Lions’ Rookie Pitcher Heo Yun-dong as he took the mound against the Lotte Giants.  This is because it was his first time playing as a professional baseball player in the KBO. However, despite a few challenges throughout the game, baseball betting analysists believe his debut game was a great success.

His first match took place last Thursday because he had to take over Ben Lively due to an injury. For the young 18 years old rookie, this was a lot of pressure as he is new to being in the spotlight.  However, he even says that he got lucky during the performance in his first professional KBO game.

Samsung Lions’ Rookie Pitcher Heo Yun-dong wants a Long Career

Samsung Lions’ Rookie Pitcher Heo Yun-dong wants a Long CareerThe left-hander, Heo Yun-dong is literally just out of high school and has had little practice with the Samsung Lions. Therefore, he was the first to admit being lucky and his shortcomings during the match against the Lotte Giants.  However, baseball betting picks experts say that he did good and it was not just luck but also skill.

To recap the main points of his activities on the mound, Heo promptly hit the first batter. Furthermore, Samsung Lion betting fans were happy to see him walk two more batters afterwards. However, the next batter for the Lotte Giants was Lee Dae-ho who is known for being a powerful slugger.

In the end, Lee took a 0-1 pitch and sent it soaring to the left field wall.  Thus, the initial call was that it was a three-run homerun.  However, after a video review, the ruling made it a foul ball which was very lucky for Heo and the Lions. According to sportsbook software news, despite a very tight game, the Lions won 3-1.  Thus, Heo became the ninth KBO rookie out of high school to win his first career start

Now that the pressure of his first KBO game is over, Heo Yun-dong wants a Long Career as a professional player. His goal is to “stick with the team” and learn as much as he can. Of course, like any other baseball player, he wants to “pitch in the Korean Series and be a part of a championship celebration”. Furthermore, his goal is to plat for about 20 years as a professional pitcher in the KBO.

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