Canadian slugger Jamie Romak was already 32 years old when he first played for the SK Wyverns in the Korean Baseball Organization in 2017. Since then, he grew as a player and person when he embraced his role of being the go-to guy in the roster.

SK Wyverns betting sites learned that Romak is enjoying his life in South Korea. He described them as the best years of his pro career. He shared that foreign players had to figure things out on their own.

Also, teams depend on them for production and don’t want them to change too much. As a result, they were left on their own to figure out how to get out of a slump. Personal responsibility and accountability helped Romak grow as a person and player.

Canadian Slugger in the KBO

Canadian Slugger Thanks SK Wyverns for the Opportunity to Grow as Person and AthleteRomak has 31 home runs in 102 games in 2017. The next year, he got 43 HRs, 102 scored runs, and 107 RBIs in 141 games. Also, he helped SK Wyverns win their first title in eight years. Last year, offensive numbers in the league dropped as the KBO de-juiced the ball, according to online sports betting sources. However, Romak still got 29 home runs with 95 RBIs for the season.

Based on betting pick reports, SK Wyverns management is happy with Romak’s performance. They are pleased to have him on the team. Also, he became more comfortable with his teammates. As a result, it was easier for him to assume the leadership role with the two new foreign players and young local talents.

Romak said that he wants to lead via example. He helps younger players by encouraging them when they are down. Also, he makes himself available to them whenever they need someone to talk to about baseball.

The Wyverns wanted to rebound from their lousy finish last season. The team was in first place going into September but the Doosan Bears overtook them on the last day of the season.

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