In the latest SK Wyverns news, the team has finally won a series title after 8 years. The championship game was between the SK Wyverns and the Doosan Bears at the Jamsil Stadium in Southern Seoul. The SK Wyverns won 5-4 in 13 innings.

The champions started the game aggressively strong, getting 1-0. Kang Seung-ho, during the fourth inning, had a home run and seeing a 3-0 score. Meanwhile, starter Merrill Kelly was trying to stop the bears from scoring.

SK Wyverns on their Championship Game

Of course, the Doosan Bears were a formidable opponent. On the bottom of the sixth, Hur Kyoung-min got on base just before Kelly walked Jung Soo-bin. Now that Hur was in the perfect position to score, Choi Joo-hwan did a double down at the left field line. A two-run single was made by Yang Eui-ji, which tied the game 3-3.

At the top of the eight, the Wyverns were very close to scoring again. Kim Sung-hyun then put Kim Jae-hyun in a scoring position. Doosan center Jung barely got the ball to Yang. Kim Sung-hyun was called safe, but the Doosan Bears called for a video challenge, where the call was reversed.

At the bottom of the eight, was one of the most exciting parts of the game. Those into gambling Korea must have been fretting about the score by now. Yang sent a go-ahead to center field, where Jung made it home and managed to earn a 4-3 lead. However, Josh Lindblom of the Bears was there, and with him and Choi Jeong, a home run resulted into another 4-4 tie.

It was a long game, though. Five hours after the game started, during the 13th inning, Han Dong-min ended the ties and allowed the Wyverns to lead. Just before midnight, the SK Wyverns claimed the title.