South Korean National Basketball Team News

The South Korean National Basketball Team is run by the Korea Basketball Association. They are the team that represents South Korea in various prestigious international basketball tournaments. In fact, Korea is one of the top teams in FIBA Asia. Korea is the only country that has had a basketball team that qualifies for the FIBA Championship every year since its inception. To date, the Korean Basketball team has won 24 medals at the FIBA Asian Championship.

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The Latest News about the Korean National Basketball Team

Hur Jae Leaves Team Following Asian Games Disappointment

Korea's national basketball team coach Hur Jae recently left the team following their underwhelming performance in the Asian Games. Speculations suggest that his two sons might also have to do with his decision to leave. The South Korean men's basketball team brought...

Park Ji-su to Join Korean Team

The impending arrival of a big-bodied center for the unified Korean women's basketball squad offers plenty of hope at the 18th Asian Games. But Park Ji-su joining will also create strategic challenges for the team. Especially one that has already been forced to build...

Korean Women’s Basketball Team Suffers Loss

The unified Korean women's basketball team suffered some defensive breakdowns. Specifically, in its overtime loss to Chinese Taipei at the Asian Games on Friday, its head coach said. Lee Moon-kyu said the 87-85 defeat at the hands of Chinese Taipei could have been...

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