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Basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in South Korea and around the world.  This is because it is a fast and exciting sports with a lot of game to bet on every day. However, it is not always so easy to win and profit from your bet. Therefore, we give you our latest Basketball Betting Strategies about which basketball game to bet on for maximum profit.

There are a lot of sports betting strategies out there which can sometimes confuse new bettors. In addition, most sports gamblers usually have their own betting strategy. However, this basketball betting tutorial is meant to complement your own strategy. Therefore, do not let these basketball wagering tips be the only way to choose your bet. Instead use it as a way to increase and comprehend your own basketball betting strategy.

Basketball Betting Strategies – Choosing which Basketball Game to Bet On

Basketball Betting Strategies – Choosing which Basketball Game to Bet OnAs part of our strategies on basketball betting, choosing which basketball game to bet on is imperative to any gambler. This is because

Use your head, not your heart – This is essentially the first aspect that divides professionals and amateur gamblers. A professional gambler uses their head and takes out any emotions before placing a bet. There are no favorites teams as they only use betting odds, statistics and facts to determine what to bet on.

Know your Basketball History – Before risking your money, it is best to know your basketball history.  This is because you want to look at team matchups from the past and bet accordingly. For example, if a basketball team usually wins against a specific team, then it is worth considering that bet. However, it should not be the only factor to rely on. Instead, it should be the start of your gambling strategy.

Pay Attention to the Basketball Schedule – Even though there are only 10 teams in the KBL, team fatigue is a reality. Therefore, if a team has back-to-back games, then it is a possibility that they will not be in excellent shape.

Geography – Another important factor for those who like to bet on basketball is geography. This is because the travelling does tire a person. Therefore, the longer the travel the less in shape they will be for the game. Last but not least, the home court advantage matters. This is because 61.2% of all basketball games are won by the home team.

Study Basketball Player Injuries – An injury can drastically affect the outcome of any game. This is because in basketball, a single key player can have a huge impact on both sides of the ball. Thus, keeping an eye on injury reports or rumors will insure a higher win ratio.

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