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For Korean sports bettors, the KBL is the most straightforward point spread sport to bet on. Even in an age where KBL teams repeatedly rest star players, smart bettors can still a winning handicapping strategy. Therefore, here is our, How to Improve your KBL Betting Skills basketball betting tutorial to help you do just that.

First, if you choose your sports wagers using the same information as everyone else, you will not be very successful. This is because bettors need to learn to focus on the linemaker, who determines the point spread.

For those who understand what sports betting is about, they know that the goal of a sportsbook is balance. Needless to say, their goal is to establish a spread that will attract an equal number of wagers on each side.

For a sportsbook to make money, they have to determine how people will bet before a game even begins.  The reason why is because the majority of his clients base their decisions and opinions on the same facts. Therefore, for a basketball bettor to win their KBL bet, they have to do more research to be successful. In this case, we are not simply talking about winning their wager, we area talking about making a profit from them.

Improve your KBL Betting Skills with these Strategies

Most basketball bettors fall into two categories. The first are the gamblers that look at historical data and look for trends. The second group are the ones that study raw data and attempts to forecast the future using these numbers.

Improve your KBL Betting Skills Using Trends

Improve your KBL Betting Skills Using TrendsOverall, there are benefits and drawbacks with each handicapping technique. The best KBL bettors will determine which one makes sense for them. Most often, it is a “comfort zone” type of thing where a gambler figures out what works best for him.

The trend handicapper can utilize one year or even ten years of data to identify pattern between teams. However, if a statistical handicapper’s counterargument isn’t taken into account, those patterns are at best speculative.

For people who do not have time to keep meticulous basketball betting records, trend handicapping is typically the simpler option. This is because a lot of the work has already been done by experts who publish or sell their information online.

It’s vital to keep an eye out for signs that the point spread is higher/lower than it should be. Trends can lose value rapidly when the bookmaker discovers them and incorporates them into the line.

Betting on Basketball using KBL Statistics

The use of statistics-based handicapping is a bit more time-consuming. This is because you should have the ability to create your own basketball betting odds. Furthermore, even if you have to use the same data as everyone else, it is still time consuming.

Unless you have exceptional basketball odds making skills, these statistics are only a starting point. This is because betting odds only represents the average difference between the points Team A scored and allowed as compared to the points Team B scored and allowed.

You will need to assign a point value to additional characteristics like injuries, weariness, and the like as you become more sophisticated. Though you can utilize year-to-date statistics, it’s generally best to only look back approximately nine or ten games, as this will show how the team is doing right now.

Improving your KBL betting skills using stats can help you generate your own line for a game and then determine if there is value in placing a bet. Using these methods can help you overcome a betting losing streak.

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