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In out last Basketball betting tutorial, we went over the basics of basketball betting. This time, we go over the Safest Basketball Betting Strategies to limit your losses and increase your chances of winning. Of course, in the end it is still gambling and there is the possibility of losing. However, in the long run these strategies will definitively improve your win/loss ratio.

When it comes to basketball betting, it is important to develop and follow a basketball betting guide. This is because they are beneficial in helping gamblers increase their winnings and lower their losses. Basketball betting guides made by professionals like us are made from real research from thousands of professional gamblers.

Are you ready to start winning?  Then keep reading our basketball betting strategy guide!

Explanation of the Safest Basketball Betting Strategies

Explanation of the Safest Basketball Betting StrategiesBetting on the Underdogs – Like many other sports, the most popular basketball bets by the public are to bet on the favorite team. However, heavy betting on the favorite often leads to wagering market distortions in favor of the underdog. Therefore, by keeping track of the sports betting odds, it is possible to find odds that give the underdog high handicaps.

Finding these high handicaps will not only give you a higher advantage to win your bet. This is because it will also increase the amount you will win if you win the bet.

Betting on the Money Line – Even though we just went over Betting on the Underdog, we can never forget sports betting on the money line. This is because Money Line wagers are safer but the winnings are less when betting on the favorite team.  The trick is to do your research.  If you find a normal money line bet on the favorite take it.  If the odds are unusual and the underdogs have high handicaps, then it might be worth betting on the underdog.

Betting on the Total Points – Betting on the total points of both teams is becoming popular in sports wagering. When placing a total point bet, forget about the average points per game of each team. Instead look at occurrences.  For example, you might want to Bet Wonju DB Promy Thunders because they have an average of 190 points per game. However, it is just an average. Therefore, they could have won one game with 240 points and another with a much lower amount. Instead, look at how regular a team’s game has gone under or over given total points.

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