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One way to beat the bookie when you bet on basketball is to start wagering as soon as the markets open in the morning. You can get a good value on totals and sides before sportsbooks adjust the lines based on basketball news updates. Here’s a guide on why you should bet early on basketball games.

Sportsbooks can correct lines that are off due to inefficiencies in the market and injury reports. However, the sharpest players can snatch the value before bookies adjust the lines. According to basketball betting experts, players get more information on basketball games as the tipoff nears. Thus, betting early allows you to capitalize on errors made on initial odds that bookies published before corrections.

Since bookies adjust lines based on the action they get, injury reports, and other factors, lines become more accurate. Also, they are more challenging to beat as game time nears.

Bet Early on Basketball Games

Why You Should Bet Early on Basketball GamesOne of the most significant indicators of a long-term winning strategy is that you constantly beat the closing line. When you bet early, you create a Closing Line Value. According to basketball forum users, players get better odds earlier in the day than when the line closes before tipoff.

Although limits increase throughout the day, the ability to get Closing Line Value decreases the closer you get to game time. Therefore, if you want to get the best value consistently, you should make it a habit to bet early.

However, there are instances when it is advantageous to bet later in the day. For example, the SK Knights and Sonicboom are playing. Since the SK Knights are the top team in the KBL, bettors likely push the Knights’ line to the point that that is more value betting on Sonicboom near tipoff.

Sports wagering is a multi-player game. You are competing not just with the sportsbook but also with thousands of players shaping lines based on their opinions.

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