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The Daegu Football Club, more popularly known as Daegu FC, is a member of the K League since 2003. They are based in the Daegu Stadium in Daegu. Throughout its history, they have always been in the lower ranks of the K League. But those who bet on football love the Daegu FC as they are sometimes a profitable underdog team, especially when they reached the quarterfinals of the Korean FA Cup back in 2006, and the semifinals in 2008. For a time, they were moved to the K League 2, but they have been back in the K League 1 since 2016.

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The latest News about Daegu FC

K League in the AFC Champions League

Football betting fans have been keeping track of the AFC Champions League, especially since there are 4 K League clubs playing. Football news sites featured the matches of Daegu FC. Gyeongnam FC, Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. These teams were playing in...

Daegu FC Almost at AFC Knockout Spot

In the latest in Daegu FC news takes us to the club’s path towards their first knockout spot in the AFC. Daegu FC celebrates their win against Melbourne in a 4-0 match for the Group F. This is great for a team competing in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)...

2019 AFC Update: Two South Korean Teams fighting for the Knockout Stage

In our 2019 AFC Update, two South Korean teams will be competing to make it to the knockout stage this week. Thus, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Ulsan Hyundai FC who are both leading their groups in the Asian Football Confederation League. Korean football betting fans...

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Edgar officially on board for Daegu FC

Edgar officially on board for Daegu FC

Edgar Bruno da Silva, popularly known as 'Edgar' has officially signed on as catcher for Daegu FC. The newly added forward is another stroke of hope for the team to finally get out of the relegation zone. D6aegu FC is currently in the bottom ranks in the league....