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Incheon United

Incheon United FC is a K League team based in the Incheon Football Stadium in Incheon. Incheon is one of the most popular and well-loved teams with fans at the thousands watching their games. Of course, this is despite them staying in the lower ranks of the K League. Those who bet on football find Incheon exciting since they also got to the finals in the FA cup in 2015. Naturally, their unpredictability makes them a favored underdog in some matches.

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The latest News about Incheon United

Incheon United Asks Montenegro Not to Call Up Striker

K League 1 club Incheon United asks Montenegro not to call up Stefan Mugosa for international fixtures. The team is currently in a crucial portion of the season. However, the Football Association of Montenegro sent a request to release Mugosa. The country hopes the...

Almost 9000 Fans attend K-League Games Over the Weekend

Last week, the government made it possible for football fans to once again attend games in person.  However, in comparison to baseball when last weekend fans  began to attend in only 3 stadiums, it is a good start. This past weekend however, was different as Almost...

Increase in Opening Round attendance for Football Leagues in Korea

The 2019 South Korean Football season is starting out great with large number of fans attending the opening matches. In fact, South Korea saw an Increase in Opening Round attendance for Football Leagues in Korea last week. This is great news for the K League as they...
Incheon United beat “undefeatable” Ulsan Hyundai

Incheon United beat “undefeatable” Ulsan Hyundai

The K League 1 saw David beat Goliath scenario when Incheon United won against Ulsan Hyundai. Incheon has previously sitting in the bottom ranks, while Ulsan has been maintaining 10-game winning streak. The recent win is a part of Incheon's goal to escape from the...

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Where to Bet on Incheon United

Betting on Incheon United is widely available in South Korea.  They are two domestic options available with Sports Toto and Sports Proto.

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Incheon defensive against Moon Seon-min

Incheon defensive against Moon Seon-min

Moon Seon-min is back in Incheon but he can't pull the team from the bottom. Incheon United's vulnerable defenses were punctured this time to Incheon suffered a 0-3 defeat in the 2018 K-League 1 17th round. The team played against Gyeongnam FC on May 14 at Changwon...

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