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As we enter the last week of the 2023 Asian Games, things are heating up for Korean Football betting fans. This is because the defending champion, South Korea won 2-0 against China in the quarterfinals of the men’s football tournament. Thus, in our latest Asian Games Football Betting Update, we give you a play-by-play of the match.

For South Korea, this latest win brings them one step closer to a third Asian Games Championship. However, for China, losing to South Korea was very tough on the fans. This is because the Chinese National team was not able to score even once. Thus, Chinese fans on social media went as far as calling it a “National Day of Embarrassment.”

Asian Games Football Betting Update: Korea Makes it to the Semifinals

Asian Games Football Betting Update: Korea Makes it to the SemifinalsNo one can deny that during most of match, the South Korean National Football Team was in control. Under the leadership of head coach Hwang Sun-hong, Korea made 2 goals in the first half of the game. The first goal was made 18 minutes after the game began. This is when Hong Hyun-Seok put one pass Han Jiaqi, Chinese goalkeeper into the top corner.

Unfortunately, for China, they were not able to retaliate from that first goal, However, 4 minutes later they were able to stop Hwang from scoring another goal.

The second goal of the game was made by Song Min-kyu in the 35th minute of the game. This is thanks to the help of forward Cho Young-wook who was able to bring him the ball. Thus, Song Min-kyu was easily able to tap the ball into the net.

For the second half of the game, Korea was in control of the field, However, they were not able to score again despite several scoring opportunities. For those who bet on football, the outcome was never in doubt with the betting odds in favor of Korea.

While the Korean National football team is happy, they know they still have a lot of work ahead of them. Song said they “only made it to the semifinals, and we have two more steps that we want to take.” Therefore, he and the rest of the team will continue to work hard towards the same goal.

2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou Medal Count

Team/NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
People’s Republic of China 146 81 42 269
Japan 33 44 45 122
Republic of Korea 31 39 63 133
India 13 24 33 60
Chinese Taipei 12 10 17 39
Uzbekistan 11 14 18 43
Thailand 10 7 16 33
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 7 10 5 22
Hong Kong, China 6 15 23 44
Bahrain 6 1 4 11

 For the Asian Games Football semifinals, South Korea will play against Uzbekistan on Wednesday at 8:00PM.

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