Daegu Stadium will host KEB Hana Bank K League 1  2018 15th round.  The event will see Daegu FC and FC Seoul go toe to toe on the 8th. The game is expected to be intense as both teams will be competing to go higher  in the rankings.

Daegu is currently the league’s last. The team hasn’t had any victory after defeating Gangwon FC 2-1 on April 15. Meanwhile, FC Seoul is ninth in the league. They are trying to elevate to  middle ranking but progress has been slow without winning streaks.

Above everything else, winning the upcoming game will be crucial for Daegu. The team was in the bottom ranks  last year, but the situation is not so good this season either. They currently have 8 points and 26 runs, which is by far the lowest score in the league.

Daegu FC and FC Seoul: The strengths of each team

Daegu FC and FC Seoul competing to advance in rankings Their chance to retribution is in the second half  of the games. Daegu has been giving their all in their South Sea battery training.

André has continued his training with a focus on rising team cohesion and rising balance. Jo Hyun-woo, who came back from the national team, and Edgar Silva, a foreign player entered in the summer transfer market. Having Andre, Jo and Edgar on board  can significantly raise Daegu’s chances in the games.

Meanwhile, FC Seoul has a big difference in defense and attack strategy. Seoul has an overall run of 15 points this season. Compared with the top teams, the team has a quite a strong defense. Seoul’s Yang  Han Bin is leading, and Hwang Hyun-soo and Lee Woong-hee are playing catch-up.

The problem is in the offense. The vacancies in Seoul are considered one of the main reasons why they can’t go up in the middle. Seoul has only 12 points this season. It is the lowest score after Daegu, and they will need to make more goals to climb up the rankings. But with Jo back in Daegu, will Seoul be able to tear down Daegu’s defense? On the other hand, will Daegu be strong enough to make more goals and rank higher? The upcoming games hold all the answers.