Daegu FC is going full force for a fifth win in their upcoming game against Ulsan Hyundai. The teams will  be going toe to toe in the KEB Hana Bank K League 1 on October 18. Their goal is to complete a five-win streak showing impressive momentum in the games this season.

Daegu isn’t holding anything back this season. They recently won the FA Cup four consecutive wins, last of which was Jeju which ended on a 3-2 score. The team is determined to go higher in the rankings by defeating Ulsan next. If the team scores three points, the gap with the 9th place can be further reduced.

Daegu FC’s upward climb

Daegu FC aiming for 5th win in ongoing winning streakIt seems that the secret in Daegu’s recent upward climb in the rankings is their defense. The team has managed to withstand the biggest attacks from opponents yet. They also have Kim Dae-won, Jung Seung-won, and Jose who have been recently coined as the attacking trio. Together, they have recently scored 8 goals in three league games.

Needless to say, Daegu is more eager than worried in their game against Ulsan. They have Kim Dae-won who scored a multi-goal in the last game of Kangwon. He also played in three matches and scored two goals and one assist.

Aside from Kim, they also have Jeong Seung-won. Jeong scored his debut in the last Jeju War, also challenged three consecutive attack points in the match. Daegu lost all two matches against Ulsan this season.

But the team is nowhere near backing down. It would be especially interesting how the upcoming game will pan out. Ulsan Hyundai recently lost to Gyeongnam for the extra time of the last round and scored 3-3 draws. It seems as though both teams have a lot to fight for in the upcoming match. The result could end with Daegu’s 5th win or set the final stone in Ulsan’s collective triumph against Daegu.

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