Daegu FC posted in their official Facebook  page that they are looking the student who posed to look like Daegu FC’s Jo Hyun Woo for his  high school graduation photo. The person they were looking for was the third-grader named Baek Seung-min of Uijeongbu High School.

In his photo, Baek made sure he had everything covered from the hair to facial expression to look like Jo. As it turns out, Baek Seung-min also appeared as a student MC on the photo shoot of Uijeongbu High School graduation film. The event was broadcasted live through the school’s official YouTube channel .

Dressing up as Daegu FC’s Jo Hyun Woo

Daegu FC searches for the student who dressed as Jo Hyun-woo The resemblance was impeccable. Baek Seung Min’s choice to dress up as Jo grabbed not only the team’s attention, but also Jo’s. “He completely followed my hairstyle” Jo said, amused by the high schooler’s efforts.

He went on to invite the youngster to their home game against Pohang Steelers. “but I will send you a light balloon and a sign in the light of the 3-person relationship! I am waiting for your contact!” Jo said. The player expressed his gratefulness for the younger generation of football fans who looked up to him as their idol.

Jo promised to make the event just as memorable for Baek. “I will send a gift as soon as I get in touch with the student. I would like to invite him, but he is a high school student and he has to play the game so I have to meet him for the time being” he said.

Daegu FC will go toe to toe against the Pohang Steelers at Daegu Stadium at 7 pm on the 18th. Daegu FC has  been  going on a winning streak lately. They currently have a record of two wins and two draws in four of their most recent games. Most of these goals were partly thanks to the success of Daegu FC’s Jo Hyun-woo.  With competitive players and rising popularity, this season seems to hold a lot of potential for success for the team.

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