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As we enter the last part of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Group stage, the action is heating up. For fans regretting not betting after seeing their team win, it is not too late to start. Many football fans are reluctant to bet on football because they do not know or understand it. Therefore, our 2023 Women’s World Cup Betting Guide will teach you how to place a World Cup wager.

For those that are new to sports betting in general, betting on football is fairly simple. Especially if you just bet on who will win the match or whether it will be a tie. This is known as three-way betting and are the most basic sports betting odds given by sportsbooks.

For new gamblers, the trick is just knowing how to read the betting odds. This is essential as odds determine how much you have to put at stake and how much you can win. Here is an example of  three-way betting odds between the U.S. and Vietnam:

  • U.S: -8000
  • Draw: 9000
  • Vietnam: +20000

As the defending champions 2 years in a row, the U.S. team is the favorite team to win. Therefore, you must bet $8,0000 to win $1 if you bet on them to win. Yes, the betting on the U.S. will not generate a lot of profit as they are almost a sure thing.

However, betting on a Draw or on Vietnam to win could give you a small fortune. This is because if you bet $1 on a draw and the game ties, then you win $8,000. If you bet $1 on Vietnam to win and they win, you get $20,000!

Pretty simple right?

2023 Women’s World Cup Betting Guide – Basic Football Betting Strategies

2023 Women's World Cup Betting Guide - Basic Football Betting StrategiesDraws are More Common in the Knockout Stage – Usually there are more Draws and close games in the Knockout Stage as matches are closer. However, in the Group Stage, you will see teams trying to score more in their first three matches. This is because the Goal Differential (GD) becomes important as the Group stage progresses.

Therefore, football betting experts believe that the stage is an important factor when considering your wager. That or make a wager on a Draw No Bet Line.

Draw No Bet Line – Yes, there are draws and yes, they can make matches harder to bet on. However, if you are wise and know where to look and where to bet, you can find the Draw No Bet market.

This can make things very simple psychologically and when viewing a match. It’s simple. If the team you bet on wins, you win your bet. If the team you bet on loses, you lose your bet. And if the match ends in a Draw? No bet. You get your original stake amount back.

Look for the Best Football Betting Odds – The next Women’s World Cup Betting strategy is very simple. This is a strategy to help you maximize your profits which is done by looking for advantage football betting odds.

This is because betting odds are always changing in a sportsbook because of way people place their bet. Therefore, by having an account with multiple sportsbooks, you can find odds that give you more money if you win.

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