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The advantage of betting on football is the wide range of wagers available. It would be best if you learned about the basic football wagers to improve your win rate. As a beginner, you need to know the common types of football bets, which are Win-Draw-Win and Total Goals.

Win-Draw-Win Basic Football Wagers

Beginner's Guide to Basic Football WagersWin-Draw-Win is also known as moneyline in football betting. It is the most popular type when you bet on football. You only need to bet on the result of the game. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the scores.

Look at the sample:

Team A 2.40
Team B 2.90
Draw 2.70

Team A has the odds of 2.40, Team B at 2.90, and the draw at 2.70. If you bet on the right result, you get paid. If you lose, you’ll lose the amount you wagered. You only need to wait for sports news reports for the results of the fixture. As you can see, you have three options for this type of sports wagering.

Keep in mind that this wager type is based on the result after 90 minutes of regular time. Also, the final score doesn’t matter. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs don’t count for a Win-Draw-Win bet.

Total Goals

The total goals bet is also simple. It would help if you guessed whether the match’s total goals would be lower or higher than the total posted by the bookie. For instance:

Team A vs. Team B Total Goals
Over 2.5 Goals 2.75
Under 2.5 Goals 2.40

The total posted by the sportsbook is 2.5. This is usually the total for most football matches. Handicappers use the half goal so that there are no ties. Thus, the wager will always be a loss or a win.

These are the two common types of football wagers. As a beginner, you should bet on football with these wager types. You can learn about the other types of soccer bets as you gain more betting experience.

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