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We are now at Round 16 of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. There are still many soccer betting opportunities after the group stages. Also, matches are more exciting because it is already the knockout stage. Thus, we share some betting strategies and tips to help you win more during the tournament’s next phase.

You may profit from the general public glancing at a name and not recognizing a favorite might be short-handed because many casual bettors will not undertake extensive dives into the teams.

Betting Strategies for Women’s World Cup

Betting Strategies and Tips for Women's World CupHere is a football betting guide that can improve your win rate when wagering on the remaining games of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Do Not Overvalue England

England is the second favorite to win the World Cup title this year. It will face Nigeria in the Round of 16. However, the squad does not have Leah Williamson, the rock of their defense. Also, they are facing issues related to their bonuses.

Look at the Brackets

Now that it is the knockout stage, it is vital to check the brackets. France and England will face each other if they advance to the quarter-final stage.

Monitor Injuries and Replacements

Knowing who suffers from injuries and players who could take their place is vital. Often, the public and sportsbooks may not spot value at prop markets. If a star player has an injury, the odds of a replacement scoring could be higher than they should be.

In addition, some players might shoot more shots on goal than usual. They might take penalties for the team. Thus, free sports betting odds makers could give them higher odds of scoring a goal.

Look at the Team’s Form

Knowing which team is in good form going to the knockout stage. Also, it is vital to know who is struggling. One team that surprised a lot of bettors is Denmark. It is the first time the country has been part of the tournament since 2007. However, it won two of its three games in the Group Stage.

These are the tips to remember when betting on Women’s World Cup games. We remind players to use proper soccer betting bankroll management to avoid losing money they cannot afford.

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