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When you learn how to bet on soccer, you should know how to determine the winner if the game goes into a penalty shootout. This football betting guide will determine how often penalty shootouts choose the winner of a match.

Some players wonder whether the favorite will also win in the penalty shootout. So we looked at previous results and found something interesting.

In the European Championship, around 40 percent ended in a draw in the 21st century and needed extra time to determine the winner. Also, ten games required a penalty shootout to determine the winner. As you can see, one out of four playoff matches in the European Championship ended with a penalty shootout.

Importance of Penalty Shootouts in Determining Winner of a Match

How Often Does Penalty Shootouts Determine the Winner of a Match?In the penalty shootout, players face a lot of pressure. Also, they are already exhausted, including the goalkeepers. For example, in the quarterfinal of the 2015 European Championship in France, two old rivals confronted one another – Italy and Germany. After the regular and additional time, there was still a draw. As a result, the game required a penalty shootout to decide the team to qualify for the next stage. There were by and large 18 penalties taken, and the two groups missed seven shots. Whenever you take a gander at the players’ names that missed those punishments and their quality, it appears to be incomprehensible.

Everyone recollect fabulous Francesco Toldo, who directed Italy to the last competition in 2000. The host group, the Netherlands, was sure they would win the match. The Oranje resembled a storm in the past periods of the competition. People thought they would win against the Italians. Thus, the bookmakers imparted this insight and allowed the hosts more opportunities to progress to the final. However, the Dutch missed three penalties, and the Italians eliminated them at their home field.

Although the favorites win most of the penalties, the underdogs have a 40 percent chance to win it. That is because teams have a similar quality at international tournaments, and games often require a penalty shootout to determine the winner.

When learning how to bet on sports such as soccer, make sure you check the roster and try to guess who will be the penalty takers. Also, check both sides’ previous results. That way, you can come up with the right pick for the match.

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