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Betting on soccer is without a doubt an exciting way to add more thrill to any soccer game. However, there is a way to make it even more exciting. This is by making a soccer parlay as it is a low risk, high reward type of soccer wager. In this soccer betting tutorial, we go over the best Soccer Parlay Betting Strategies to increase your odds of winning.

Before we begin, let’s define what a parlay bet is. A parlay bet, is when a gambler makes two or more bets and ties them together into one bet. In different regions or countries, it is also known as an accumulator or as a multi. These types of wagers are popular because players the payouts are bigger than making individual wagers. However, the risks are also bigger since losing just one of the bets means the entire parlay is lost.

Despite the risks, parlays remain a popular option amongst sports bettors. In the end, whether you should bet on parlays or not is up to the player. If you want to know more about parlays, check out this article on should you bet on parlays or not.

3 Winning Soccer Parlay Betting Strategies

3 Winning Soccer Parlay Betting StrategiesWhile there are several types of strategies for parlay bets, not all of them are equal. This is why we present you with the three best soccer parlay betting strategies.

Bet on Soccer Games you are familiar with – This is a strategy that hold true not only for Soccer betting but all type of sports betting. This is because it is impossible to win a football parlay if you know nothing about its soccer league. Therefore, knowing the soccer game you are betting on will let you make a more educated guess on its outcome.

Any parlay bet that’s not backed with statistics tends to create uncertainties. Needless to say, you should also check on the latest soccer stats to be confident in your wagers.

Avoid High Risk Soccer Wagers – While this sounds like the opposite of what defines a parlay, it is not. This is because a parlay is about winning individual bets that make up the parlay. Therefore, you want to go for soccer bets that have the best odds of winnings and returns.

For beginning parlay bettors, we recommend start with a 2 or 2 team parlays made up of low-risk wagers.

Draw No Bet – Most online sports betting sites will offer you a 2-way Moneyline. This is when the market provides two options for a particular chance. When you choose to add this bet, its quite the same as adding standard bets on a soccer match result.

When staking on the draw no bet market, players get to choose between the team winning. Therefore, when the soccer team ties, the wager becomes void. You do not win anything but at least you get your wager back.

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