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The competition for the K-League 1 is officially in full swing for Gyeongnam FC and Gangwon FC. Gyeongnam officially won against Gangwon with a score of 2-1 in the K League 1 2018 24th round. The game was held in Pohang Steel Yard on the 18th.

Gyeongnam FC ‘monster striker’ Marcao seemed to be ahead of scoring. However, in pursuit of  the same title is Gangwon FC’s “Soyang River Bomber”, Uros Deric. He led Gangwon to win 7-0 against Incheon United.  The statistics is quite interesting in the league today.

Gyeongnam is second and Gangwon is fifth. Gyeongnam is likely to be placed in the higher ranks at the end of the 33rd round. However, Gangwon can go anywhere in the rankings from the top and bottom. If a team maintains strong offensive, they can very well win against the weaker ones.

Gangwon FC and Gyeongnam FC match ends with 2-1 scoreGyeongnam FC VS Gangwon FC

Gyeongnam and Gangwon will meet again at the KEB Hana Bank K League 1 2018 25th round. It will happen at the Changwon Football Center at 7:30 pm.

It is Gangwon who has moved up to fifth place in the team ranking. Meanwhile, Gyeongnam has won 10 games and had  2 consecutive wins.

Gangwon, who is the opponent, changed to Kim Byeong-soo. He has won 2 consecutive games with Incheon and 7 matches with the victory of Jeonnam on 19th. Gyeongnam thus far is dominating with 10 wins.  It unknown if they will continue to be unbeatable in the second half of the league.

The 600th goal of Gyeongnam is expected to be played on the 25th round against Gangwon. The event will be a memorable moment for the Gyeongnam Fans. Meanwhile, in the area of wagering, sports enthusiasts who bet on football have set their sights on the team.

Thus far, the odds seem to be favoring them and their fans. It is unknown whether their exceptional performance will continue until the end of the games.

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