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Gyeongnam defeated Pohang 3-0 in the recent KEB Hana Bank K League 1 (1st Division League) 2018 24th round match. The game was held at Pohang Steel Yard. The team has sprinted for 10 consecutive games with amazing winning streak.

Gyeongnam is currently doing well in the standings, but is still being eyed on by other teams who want to elevate ranks. It is currently sitting in the second place. Gyeongnam proved to be one of the best in the league with 13 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses (46 points).

They are  followed by Jeonbuk (53 points) with seven points. Pohang is in the fifth position. It has lost its place to Gyeongnam who has been undefeated for three consecutive games (two wins and one draw).

Game Highlights: Gyeongnam defeated Pohang

The win was brought largely 18th minute thanks to a hat-trick from the Marcao. Gyeongnam had threatened Pohang’s goal from the start. Gyeongnam consistently scored in the 24th minute and foulling broke through the opponent defense area to break through the right penalty area.

Marcao, who succeeded the ball, did not miss it but calmly finished with his left foot. This shook Pohang’s goal. The second goal was also the main character. In the second half, Marcao finished with a groundball cross from Choi Jae-soo.

This gave the team a 2-0 edge to win. With the exceptional performance, Gyeongnam could easily win this season. However, they will have to be consistent with their performance. Marcao has been leading the team, but seeing an increase in others’ performance would make the games even more interesting.

The games in the K League is still very much underway and many things could still happen. Gyeongnam would have to be extra careful if they want to seal their win. With the games becoming more tense, so are the odds in sports betting. Many teams hold a promising stance in the games, one of which is Gyeongnam. But it remains to be seen which one of them will eventually emerge victorious.

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