Kim Min-jay made a name for himself during the 2019 Asian Cup as strong and reliable defender. Furthermore, despite the elimination of South Korea in the quarter finals, several football clubs want him to play for them.  Many sports betting companies thought he would follow his teammate, Kim Sung-yeung into the Premiere League. However, he did the opposite as Kim Min-jay turns down Premier League to join Chinese Super League.

Some football betting websites think this is an interesting move for the Korean football star.  This is because as one of the most influential player as a defender and a scorer, Kim had many options. Despite many rumors, Kim denies receiving an actual offer from the English Premier League club, Watford. Thus, it came to a shock when he said he will be playing for Beijing Guon in the CSL.

A Promising Career for Kim Min-jay

Kim Min-jay joins Beijing Guon For most players, playing in the European football league is a badge of honor.  Furthermore, playing for the English Premier League is a dream for many footballers around the world.  Kim fans were very happy when they first head that Watford began to show interest in him.

However, during a recent interview, Kim said “I’m going to Beijing.  He also said that “they’ve been showing interest since November” and believes this is the right move for his career.

During the interview, his response to Watford showing interest in him was that there was never an actual offer.  He said, “I don’t know whether there was actually an offer from Watford”.  In addition, he said that “even if there were an offer, I would have had to deal with work permit issues”.

According to Price Per Player, Kim, he believes the move will help him in the long run.  This is because “What matters is my performance with the club”. Thus, “It’s important for me to take a starting spot there and play better”.  In addition, playing in China will let him continue to help the South Korean National Football team.

Kim is a 22 years old football known as the “monster”.  In addition, before playing in the Asian Cup he was playing for the South Korean club Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC. During his career in South Korea, Kim played in 29 games and made two goals.  Furthermore, he even got the K League Young Play Award of the year.