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Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the world with over 3.5 billon fans around the world. However, football betting fans and players are not immune to the COVID-19 virus.  Thus, the Korean Football Association (KFA) is once again taking more measures to keep everyone safe.  Therefore, after a meeting by KFA, the K-League Shortens the Football Season because of the Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this is taking place this year.  This is because during a normal Korean football season, the K-League starts on February 29.  However, on February 24 of this year, the KFA said the season would start later. Thus, this latest announcement is the second postponement of the season.

K-League Shortens the Football Season Because of the Coronavirus indefinitely to sportsbook software companies, the KFA made the decision to postpone the season during a meeting on Monday. Therefore, the entire pro-football season will be shortened but no start date has been given yet.

The decision to shorten the Korean football season was made with representatives of the 12 teams in the K-League. In addition, this was the first meeting held by club officials since the original postponement of the season.

According to sports betting odds websites, they were hoping to reach a decision about the details of the postponement. Unfortunately, no consensus was made to submit to the board of governors for approval this month.

Either way, this is a disappointment for fans who like to bet on football.  This is because the normal 38 match season that runs through November to late December will be shorter. At the moment, the KFA is thinking of alternative dates for the season.  The first is to have a season with 33 matches without the split phase. The second option is to have 22 matches with 10 matches in the split round.  The last option is to have 22 football matches with 5 matches during the split stage.

Of course, the coronavirus does not only affect the start of the K-League season. This is because it also affects Korean footballers that are in European leagues as well as the National Korean Football Team.

Either way, football fans will not be able to bet on FC Seoul or any other K-League team any time soon.

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