On Monday, the latest sports news headline in South Korea read Korea Football Association Expels ex-player over Match-fixing attempt. This is because the KFA fair play committee made an announcement to give a Jang Hack-yong a lifetime ban from football.  Thus, Jang will no longer be able to work with anything relating to football.

In 2017, Jang Hack-yong chose to retire from Seongnam FC and the korean football team after 13 years as a professional footballer.  However, the ex-footballer once again became a household name in 2018 but in a bad way.  This is because of his arrest in October for match-fixing.

At the moment, Jang Hack-yong is serving a 10 month prison sentence for his wrongdoings.

South Korea Cracking Down on Match-Fixing

Korea Football Association Expels ex-player over Match-fixing attemptThe South Koran pro-football league has been heavily cracking down on match fixing in recent year.  This is because back in 2011, the league became the center of attention over such crimes.  Thus, it led to a lot of damage in terms of reputation and integrity for the K-League governing body.

On October 15 of 2018, the K-league was back in the news after the arrest of Jang Hack-yong by the authorities for match-fixing.  According to officials, Jang met a player from Asan Mugunghwa FC in the second division K League 2 in September.

Yang met Lee to convince him to receive a red card during a match against Busan IPark FC. In exchange, Yang would give Lee the sum of 50 million Won for accepting the proposal.

Immediately after refusing the offer, Lee made a call to the police and then made a report to his club. Afterwards, the police came to arrest Jang at his hotel in Busan.  Furthermore, league officials kept the arrest a secret in order to help the police arrest Jang’s accomplices.

Match-fixing is a serious offense in South Korea which has seen many match-fixing in sports and even in eSports events for sports gambling purposes.  For the K-League, they have been spending a lot of time to prevent match-fixing, running workshops and call centers.