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International sports leagues are without a doubt in a mess due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the Korean National Football team is not an exception as their international calendar is for all practical purposes nonexistent. However, there will be a Korean National Team Exhibition Match between the senior men’s and the under-23 men’s team.

According to the latest sports betting odds, the Korean Football Exhibition match will take place on October 9 and 12. The match will take place at Goyang Stadium which is just northwest of Seoul. For both squads, this is a welcome game as both teams have not training camps or matches this year. Thus, it is a chance for them to practice in before the FIFA World Cup qualifying matches next year.

Korean National Football Teams Exhibition Match Preview

Korean National Football Teams Exhibition Match PreviewPau Bento the coach of the senior national football team is very happy to have the exhibition match. Even National Football Team Betting fans are looking forward to these exhibition matches. This is because the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Matches are not taking place this year. Instead, they will take place in the spring and summer of 2021.

IN addition, the Korean National Football team have not been able to schedule any friendly matches this year. However, they are hoping to be able to schedule some in November.  Unfortunately, Bento believes that there is a lot of certainty as to whether it will be possible or not.

Therefore, this National Football Team Exhibition Match is a welcome addition to the schedule.  On Monday, the Senior National Football Team made available their 23-man roster for the match.

According to football betting experts, the older team will have the advantages in both matches. Interestingly enough, Bento wants some of the rising stars to be on his team from the U-23 squad.  However, in order to be fair, he will only be able to get three players to be on his side.

These three players are midfielders Lee Dong-geong and Won Du-jae, and forward Lee Dong-jun. According to Bento, they were chosen because of the skills and versatility on the field.

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