The National Football Team news comes in a welcome surprise as the U-20 team makes it to the semis. For the first time in 36 years, Korea makes it to the FIFA U-20 World Cup. This comes after a win against Senegal last Saturday. Those who bet on football will have more chances to bet on Korea in the World Cup as they advance further into the tournament.

The match was a bit scary for Korean fans, as the first goal came from Senegal in the 37th minute and we did not see any more goals until the 62nd minute. Lee Kang-in scored a penalty, which ties the match 1-1. Senegal’s goal was made by Cavin Diagne. Each team scored an additional 2 goals each, bringing the tie to 3-3. But Korea won in the penalty shootout, where they won 3-2.

National Football Team in Semis

The team has an “Again 1983” goal, which was their motto for the tournament. They wanted to replicate the success of the club back in 1983, where the team won a spot in the semis. Now, the current team will be facing Ecuador in the final.

If Korea wins their match against Ecuador, this could be the first time in U-20 history that Korea will make it to the finals. Looking at records, this is also the third time that any Korean football team has reached the semifinals in any World Cup- regardless of level.

The head-to-head record of Korea against Senegal sees Korea ahead with 2 wins and a loss. The two teams also previously played against each other in a tune-up match where Lee scored the single goal in the match, where Korea won 1-0.

Given that Ecuador will be a tough opponent, Korea will still be making history. They will still have the chance to earn the 3rd place spot in the tournament. If they do, this will be the best finish of any Korean football team at the tournament. For more football action, you can check out soccer betting prediction posts to help you with your wagers.