This is the end of the road for young Taeggeuk Warriors as South Korea Loses to Mexico in FIFA U17.  According to sports news, the Korean youth team lost to Mexico 1-0 at Estadio Andrade in Vitoria, Brazil on Sunday.  However, spectators and football betting fans in Korea are happy with the results of the South Korean National football team.

This is because it takes a lot of hard work for any team to go to the FIFA-U17 World Cup. Furthermore, according to football betting picks experts it takes even more work to make it to the quarterfinals. Thus, South Koreans all over the world are very proud of their achievements.

South Korea Loses to Mexico in FIFA U17 Quarterfinals Recap

한국, FIFA U17 준준결승에서 멕시코를 잃다According to sports news websites, South Korea lost to a goal by Ali Avila during the 77th minute. For the South Korean football youth team, this was their fourth trip to the quarterfinals.  Furthermore, it was the first attempt for coach Kim Jung-soo to be the first to make it past the semifinals. Unfortunately, he was not able to achieve that goal for the 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup. However, according to soccer forums, fans were still happy with the results.

According to sports betting odds websites, Choi Min hit the crossbar in the fourteenth minute for South Korea.  However, he was not able to hit the target after taking a Lee Tae-seok cross eight minutes after the fact.

South Korea was in need to make an early substitution in the 35th minute. This is because defender Hong Sung-wook had to leave the game due to an injury.

On the other hand, Mexico had the same problem with the first half.  The only shot came from Josue Martinez’s shot shaking the bar in the 40th minute. Thus, the first half of the game was scoreless.

With the clock slowing down, Avila, who fell off the seat in the 64th moment, headed home a Jose Ruiz cross for the possible champ.

South Korea came up flat broke in their push for an equalizer, with Jeong Sang-container denied by goalkeeper Eduardo Garcia on his header in the 85th moment.

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