South Korea has increased its position in the FIFA Rankings that were recently released. South Korea is now at 53rd place. Those who interested in finding out about Korean National Football team will be happy to hear that South Korea has 1,401 points, which is higher than September by 6 points. They now share the 53rd rank with Jamaica.

Those who are into internet gambling will know that the rankings will help bettors determine which country to wager on when there are international tournaments. In South Korea’s case, they have had a string of victories in their last few games. The club beat Uruguay 2-1 last October 12, and they made a draw last October 16 at 2-2 with Panama. Both of these games were held at home.

South Korea Rankings

Looking at the numbers, South Korea is the 4th highest ranking team among the members of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). The team is also enjoying a newfound popularity thanks to their success. Most Korean football fans thank new head Coach Paulo Bento for the 4-game streak of the club.

As for the top ranked teams in the World, FIFA’s announcement features Belgium as the top of the list. Belgium currently has 1,733 points. They are 1 point higher than France, who are the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champions. 3rd on the list is Brazil, with Croatia as the 4th, and England as the 5th ranked country.

For those who are waiting for the next match of the Taeguk Warriors, they will be traveling to Brisbane, Australia soon. They will have friendly matches against Australia and Uzbekistan in November.