As the new football season is underway, coach Paulo Bento is holding camp at the National Football Center (NFC) in Paju. Ahead of the friendly match with Bolivia, and Colombia, Bento is looking to fill his roster. Thus, he is currently holding an internal competition where Two Footballers are competing for the Starting Striker Position.

The two candidates competing for the position are Hwang Ui-jo of Gamba Osaka and Ji Dong-won of FC Augsburg. These two footballers were personally chosen to compete for the position by coach Bento. Thus, the winner will be the starting striker for his 4-2-3-1 formation with two wingers to back him up.

According to his recent statistics, Hwang may have the upper hand in getting the positions.  This is because 5 of 6 international goals have been in the past 10 games.  However, football betting experts believe that Jo also has a chance despite still healing from a minor injury.

Bento will not consider age when selecting his lineup

Two Footballers are competing for the Starting Striker PositionAs coach Bento is trying to manage his starting lineup for his 27 men roster, he has many decisions to make. However, according to an interview, he will not look at age but only at skills when making his selection.

Even though the players he chooses will be the infrastructure for the future of the team, the future is now.

During the press conference, Bento said that “the players’ ability is more important than their age”.  In terms of the younger players playing, he said that “As long as they’re capable, I won’t care about their age.”

Thus, his task is to create a winning team with great players for every position.  Thus, if it is done right the Korean National Football team will have a promising future. One of his concerns for the team at the moment is the lack of scoring despite many opportunities.

He hopes that the competition for the striker position will help his goal.  This is in addition to the three rookies who are joining the team this year.