The AFF-EAFF Champions Trophy is the first of its kind as it only became a reality a few days ago.  According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the AFF Suzuki Cup winner will play the EAFF E-1 Football Champion. In its inauguration match, Vietnam is to Play South Korea in the AFF- EAFF Champions Trophy.

The EAFF is made up of giants in Asian football like South Korea, China and Japan. Last year, South Korea won the EAFF (East Asian Football Federation) title after a stunning 4-1 win against Japan.  Thus, according to football betting news, they will play against the winner of the AFF title.

This year, the honor goes to the Vietnamese football team after defeating Malaysia 1-0.  In addition,  President Moon Jae-In took the time to congratulate them on their victory.  This is because President Moon believes that this victory is making them closer and hopes to build a prosperous future with Vietnam.  Furthermore, having South Korean head coach Park Hang-seo lead the Vietnamese football team also helps improve the relationship.

The First AFF- EAFF Champions Trophy Competition

The First AFF- EAFF Champions Trophy CompetitionThe first edition of this competition is to be held on March 26, 2019 at the Mỹ Đình Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition, this new competition, the AFF- EAFF Champions Trophy is to be held every two year.  Thus, both countries are hoping that this new tournament will further improve the lover of football in Asia.

Both the AFF and the EAFF are very happy with this new tournament. Chung Mong-gyu, president of the EAFF  said “We are glad to have agreed to hold the AFF-EAFF Champions Trophy”.

Furthermore, he said that it will be a “successful examples of partnership between regional federations in FIFA”. Sports Betting websites also believe the tournament will increase the number of football bets next year.

The AFF gathers 11 regional delegations, competing in their championship every two years. On the other hand, the EAFF consists of teams who also compete in the EAFF Championship biennially.