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Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by rapper Jay-Z, is discussing an NFL partnership deal. According to sources, The NFL partnership deal will improve the league’s live game experiences. In addition, they hope to strengthen the NFL’s social justice efforts.

As part of the NFL partnership deal, Roc Nation can suggest the performers for league events, such as the Super Bowl. Also, the deal will help strengthen and nurture the community via music and football. It will complement the league’s Inspire Change program.

The NFL launched Inspire Change earlier this year. Its goal is to create positive change in communities across the nation. As part of the initiative, league office and NFL teams work with the Players Coalition to support various programs to reduce barriers to opportunity. In addition, the initiative focuses on economic and educational advancement, criminal justice reform, and community and police relations.

Roc Nation and NFL Partnership Deal

NFL Partnership with Roc Nation UnderwayJay-Z told football betting pick sites that the NFL has the opportunity and platform to inspire change across the nation. In fact, Roc Nation proved that the entertainment industry can lead to changes in the community. In addition, the NFL and Roc Nation hope that their partnership can lead to the betterment of the communities across the US.

Roc Nation will work with the league to create and distribute content through different music streaming platforms. According to football betting reports, Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL said that they are happy to work with Roc Nation. He described the latter as one of the most influential organizations in the entertainment industry today.

Roc Nation and the NFL share the same vision of inspiring social change. You can bet NFL and Jay-Z will work on different initiatives to make a difference in communities. Football fans can expect more artists from Roc Nation’s stable to perform in various NFL events in the future, including Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and more.

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