The 2019 AFC Asian Cup is well underway and giving football betting fans a lot of action this year. In yesterday’s match at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar took on North Korea.  In conclusion, it was a slaughter and a difficult match to watch for North Korean football fans.  This is because Qatar Beats North Korea in Asian Cup 6-0 in the third match-day of the tournament.

Both Qatar and North Korea are in Group E of the 2019 AFC Asian Cup. At the moment, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are leading their groups with 6 points each.  However, Lebanon and North Korea are probably both out with 0 points each.

On the other hand, the South Korean team is doing quite well in this year’s tournament.  This is because the South Korean National football team is competing against China for first place in Group C. Furthermore, both teams have 6 points.  Thus, in two days they will be facing each other to determine the winner of their group.

Qatar North Korea Game Recap

Qatar Beats North Korea in Asian CupOnly about 300 of the 16,000 seats stadium were taken for this match.  However, North Korean fans made up for it as they gave a lot of cheering and flag waving throughout the match.  Unfortunately, it was not enough for the North Korean tea, as Qatar made some several goals early in the game.

In the first 11 minutes, Ali made 2 goals while the North Korean team did nothing but watch the ball. Ali had sufficient energy to control Akram Afif’s cross from the left and cover his shot on nine minutes.  Thus, he then at that point cut in Hasan Al-Haydos’ ball from the correct two minutes after the fact.

Despite the dominance of the Qatar team, North Korea did have a couple of moments at the opposite end. However, the shots by Ri Un-chol and Kim Song-gi did not lead into goals.

Ali made the Asian Cup’s first hat-trick 10 minutes after half-time.  This is when he made a shot that went over goalkeeper Kim Myong Guk after Afif’s pass into the box.

In the end, Ali made another goal to make it 5-0.  Right afterwards, Abdelkarim Hassan, the 2018 Asian player of the year, made it six with a solid run and completion.

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