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The regular Korean Football season is a few weeks away from ending and things are heating up on the field! As the best football teams in the K League are fighting for the title, the bottom teams are fighting for survival. However, many football betting fans are asking whether Ulsan Hyundai FC is Becoming Closer to Winning the K League Title.

For fans of Ulsan Hyundai FC, this year is crucial because it they have not won the title in 15 years. Therefore, Ulsan Hyundai FC betting fans were very happy with the outcome of the game over the weekend.  This is because They won 4-1 against Sangju Sangmu on Friday placing them at the top of the league.

Can Jeonbuk catch up to Ulsan?

Ulsan Hyundai FC Becoming Closer to Winning the K League TitleUlsan Hyundai FC Becoming Closer to Winning the K League Title came after a rally that led to a victory. In that game, Jung Seung-hyun and Bjorn Johnsen each made two goals. Thus, the overall points for Ulsan became 54 points after only one game.

However, according to sports betting experts, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors were not able to keep up with them. This is because the following day they lost to 1-0 to the Pohang Steelers.  Unfortunately for them, they are now 3 points behind Ulsan. However, they still have a good lead against the Pohang Steelers who have 44 points so far this season.

At the moment, Ulsan has a considerable lead over Jeonbuk in the first tiebreaker and goals by 51 to 39. Needless to say, Ulsan and Jeonbu will be going against each other in their penultimate match on the October 25. The only chance for Jeonbuk to close the gap is to get a four-peat and hope that Ulsan falters.

On the other hand, Ulsan is in good shape as they only need to tie with Jeonbuk.  Sports Betting picks experts believe that it will be very difficult for Jeonbuk to catchup in just three games.

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