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South Korea Chooses Seoul for its 2032 Olympic Bid

The latest news in the Olympic World is that South Korea Chooses Seoul for its 2032 Olympic Bid.  In addition, according to a statement by the South Korean Olympic Committee, the voting came between Seoul and Busan. In the end, Seoul made the cut after receiving 34 of...

Korean Olympic Champion accuses her Coach of Sexual Assault

Following a high case profile made Shim Suk-he last month about her coach, even more information is coming public.  This time, it is because on top of assaulting her, the Korean Olympic Champion accuses Coach of Sexual Assault. Thus, it is another black eye for the...

Joint Korean Handball Team sent to World Championship

This year the 2019 IHG World Men’s Handball Championship will be held from January 10 thru January 27. In addition, this is the first time that the IHF Championship will have two host countries for the event.  Furthermore, North and South Korea will have a Joint...

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